Thursday, October 29, 2009

Matthias IA Eklundh 2002 Freak Guitar Demo France [VIDEO]

Matthias IA Eklundh (of Freak Kitchen)

Freak Guitar Demo @ FNAC Italiens, Paris, France, October 28th, 2002

Source: Hand cam video

Video format: MPG

Total running time: 34 mins 27 secs

Resolution: 320 x 240 @ 1443 k/s

File size: 352.5 MB

Mattias is the guitar player of Swedish Freak Kitchen. This is one of his (in)famous guitar clinics. Mattias lives just a couple of blocks away from me... and trust me, his personality very much reflects his playing. Check out this video and find out what I’m talking about. It’s simply Swedish pop from Hell :)

Have fun!


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Mattias is amazing! Thanks for this!