Thursday, October 29, 2009

VIDEO: Shakti with John McLauglin - CPB Documentary 1977 [DVD]

The Holy Grail of Shakti videos !!!

This 50 minute documentary, filmed by Canadian Public Broadcasting, is filled with spiritual wisdom and live performances as the band practices and performs during a tour in Europe.
One of the locations filmed during the day is a concert in a bullfighting ring in the Provence section of France. McLaughlin's playing is *incredible*.

A couple of technical notes: There are a few, very small dropouts that were present during the transfer. One of them occured right at the end of the credits, so the transfer was ended just before the video dropped. Right afterwards, it stated C 1977 Canadian Public Broadcasting.

Technical specs:

NTSC video 704x480
Ratio 4:3
Runtime 49 minutes
Dolby Digital sound

Lineage: Public TV broadcast ->VHS unknown generation ->Philips DVD recorder ->YOU

Enjoy !!!

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