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Vital Information, Eef Albers, Chick Corea, Joe Pass & Others - "Jazz Alive" [FM][FLAC]

Photo: Dutch guitarist Eef Albers

There is no mention of the Vital Information line up. Besides Steve Smith (drums) and Tom Coster (keys) I am guessing it also features Dave Wilczewski (sax) and Tim Landers (bass).
Track 5 Includes 2 guitarists (Eef Albers & Mike Stern or Dean Brown ?) and a percussionist. Strange how the line up changes for T5 (different tour & show?) I believe Smith Dropped the 2 guitar attack and brought in Coster sometime 84'/85' to make it jazzier plus Coster can make a lot of music!

National Public Radio Broadcast 1985

Source: FM

Quality: Very Good but a little hissy

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Steve Smith & Vital information
Trio Music with Chick Corea
Joe Pass


Please help with the set list

Vital Information:

T1 DJ Intro
T2 Looks Bad, Feels Good
T3 The Adventures of Hector & Jose
T4 Blues to Bape II
T5 Blade?*

* (with Eef Albers and ?)

Trio Music with Chick Corea

6. Trio Music w. Chick Corea (Keys), Roy Haynes (dr) and Miroslav Vitous (Acoustic Bass) 1
7. Trio Music w. Chick Corea, Roy Haynes and Miroslav Vitous 2

Joe Pass

8. Joe Pass (guitar)

Enjoy !!!

Format: FLAC

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