Friday, October 9, 2009

Jean-Luc Ponty - Live at The Village Gate, New York City, N.Y., September 1, 1975 [FM][FLAC]

A fine radio broadcast from the Big Apple with some prime Ponty on his 1st solo band tour. The 1st tune is probably a leftover relic from his 1973 tour with Frank Zappa, the rest are all from
his 1st solo record, Upon the Wings of Music, with my favorite Ponty drummer. This guy can really play. It's a short set, but I think the whole thing. the tape was flipped just before upon the wings. I got this from a guy from Binghamton, N.Y. many years ago on a Maxell XLII-S cassette, and it sounds clean. This tour began a long and productive mergence of Ponty with Daryl Steurmer before he joined with Genesis. Most of my favorite Ponty band albums have Steurmer on guitar, including the 1st 3 (at least) which are all very good- Wings, Aurora, and Imaginary Voyage. I have one representation for each of these, and they're all very nice shows of decent or better quality. Do not sell this recording. trade freely and losslessly. Enjoy !!! ~glasnostrd19

Provided by glasnostrd19

Performance quality: A (hot set)

Recording quality: A-

source: FM (1st or 2nd gen. not sure)


Jean-Luc Ponty - violin
Darly Steurmer- guitar
Mike Wolf- keyboards
Tom Fowler- bass
Norm Fearrington- drums


1: Radio announcer band introductions
2: How would you like to have a head like that?
3: Echoes of the future
4: Polyfolk dance
5: Upon the wings of music
6: Radio announcer

Total time: 53:43

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
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Mr.JazzFusion/Hip Hop said...

Wow, I remember these shows, here in the NY by a station named WRVR who would brodcast these shows every Monday night with Les Davis as the announcer. I just wish I had all my old tapes of these shows.

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this blog is fantastic!!
keep the great work :)

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