Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Casiopea 1985 Live at Skeppsholmen Jazzfestival, Sweden [FLAC]

01 Road Rhythm

02 Zoom

03 The Continental Way

04 Hoshi-zora

05 Street Performer/Drums solo/Bass solo/Eyes of the Mind

06 The Soundgraphy

07 Galactic Funk

Akira Jimbo: drums

Issei Noro: guitar

Minoru Mukaiya: keyboards

Tetsuo Sakurai: bass

Ripped by BassLobster August 12th 2004

FM -> TEAC V-750 -> Peak 4 -> Slight volume boost -> FLAC

Time total: 49.12

Size: 344,9 MB

Enjoy! Great show!

Probably their best one :)

Great drum and bass solo!

NOTE: Changed the show to a single file d/l and the source (i.e. AIFF) from SHN -> FLAC


JJ said...

Thanks doc, appreciated..

Anonymous said...

File name are incorrect?

JJ said...

Have had nothing but trouble after downloading the first 3 files. after that the file file doesn't want to open for me, and it has screwed up the 'puter.
If anyone has this in either flac or 320 mp3 it would be greatly appreciated thanks

Dr. Fusion said...

I'm sorry JJ. I will inform Basslobster about this. Hope he will get it fixed asap.

BassLobster said...
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JJ said...

After d/l'ing the first 3, the last one will not open or anything for me.
I don't know if the file is bad, or if the winrar/winzip doesn't know how to open it.
I took the 001,002,003 off the file, but I can't even do that to the 4th.

That's about all I can tell you. sorry

Anonymous said...

This is very rare version.

Track list:

1:Road Rhythm
3.The Continental Way
5.Street Performer/Drums solo/Bass solo/Eyes of the Mind
6.The Soundgraphy
7.Galactic Funk

BassLobster said...


BassLobster said...

Thanks "Anonymous" for the tracks listing!

bbvd2 said...

Thanks LB for the help it is truely appreciated..