Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pat Metheny 80/81 Band - Live at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, Sweden, 1981.08.23 [FLAC]

Here's an old Metheny show from his excellent 80-81 project and band. The verdict seems split as to whether this was originally FM or soundboard sourced. In either case, this is a very good recording from a time when those things were a bit rarer. There's another show of the 80-81 band from Switzerland that seemed to circulate more than this one does. I got this in a cd trade and the show was broken up by tracks in such a way that DeJohnette's drum solo towards the end of Offramp was a separate track that started disc 2. That's why the files in this upload are as they are. For me, the highest highlight of this group's repertoire was Pat's incredibly lovely Every Day (I Thank You) that was a particular Brecker showcase. The rest of this performance leans on Ornette Coleman and Ornette inspired repertoire (Offramp).

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Pat Metheny, guitar, guitar synthesizer
Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone
Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone
Charlie Haden, acoustic bass
Jack DeJohnette, drums

Source- cd-r trade of a soundboard or FM recording on unknown equipment> EAC disc extraction>

TLH Wav to flac formatting> TLH torrent creation> DIME


01 - Broadway Blues (Ornette Coleman)
02 - Every Day (I Thank You) (Pat Metheny)
03 - Offramp (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
04 - Offramp DeJohnette drum solo
05 - Turnaround (Ornette Coleman


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