Thursday, October 6, 2016

John McLaughlin Trio - Live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 1st, 1988 [FLAC]

Here's a Trio Show w/ Mr. Hellborg. I think those who only grab sbds may make an exception here. It's not an EX recording but quite good. BTW- has "Meeting" been teased on any other Trio recordings? Enjoy ;-)  ~mr_mags


John McLaughlin: Guitar
Jonas Hellborg: Bass
Trilok Gurtu: Drums



T1 Florinapolis 7:21 (cuts in)
T2 Goodbye Porkpie Hat>Guardian Angel Tease> Bass solo w/ Birdland Tease 13:12
T3 Meeting of the Spirits>?>Meeting 16:54
T4 Pasha's Love Intro 1:12


T1 Pasha's Love 12:54
T2 Mother Tongues 19:30
T3 Improv 10:12

Aud>?>CDrs from Trade>EAC>WAV>FLAC

- Good sounding Aud recording-IMO.It has what I like: Clear & just enough crowd/ambiance.  
- I received this w/ some funky tracking & used WAV Joiner in a couple places.

Thanks to the great Mr_Mags!


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