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Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live at Ithaca College Gymnasium, Ithaca, N.Y., USA, October 26, 1974 [2CD][FLAC]


Recorded by "odoc55"

Recording this band was not easy with the usual available technology of 1974. This was the only tour of the Mahavishnu Orchestra to include an orchestra. alot of intruments to record through just a little plastic microphone. This came out fairly well considering what it was recorded with, although there are some flaws in the unknown source last track. Jean-Luc Ponty's experience in this tour was not a happy one since he was afforded a very small insignificant part in this performance, far less than he was warranted given his immense talents at the time, and in very stark contrast to his major contributions with Frank Zappa the previous year. Ponty left the tour before it was over, most likely because McLaughlin didn't show him his due respect. The band introductions are not easily understood in this recording. JLP would have a fruitful and vital career with various bands of his own starting the next year and his album "upon the wings of music" which is great. Enjoy! ~odoc55

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Ithaca College Gymnasium
Ithaca, N.Y.
October 26, 1974

1st gen. audience recording

"Apocalypse Tour"

This may be the longest show of the apocalypse tour. The recording is incomplete, but has most of the show.

Lineage: 1st gen. tape copy with Scotch Highlander cassettes and panasonic mono cassette recorder with built in auto levelling mike > flac files sent to me > wav (tracking) > flac (sb's aligned)


John McLaughlin: guitar
Gayle Moran: keyboards, vocals
Jean-Luc Ponty: violin
Steven Kindler: 1st violin
Carol Shive: 2nd violin, vocals
Steve Francovich: trumpet and flugelhorn
Bob Knapp: trumpet, flugelhorn and flute
Marsha Westbrook: viola
Philip Hirschi: cello, vocals
Ralphe Armstrong: bass
Narada Michael Walden: drums


disc 1 (55:09)

1: 4:15 (cuts in)
2: tuning and band intros 4:31
3: smile of the beyond (cuts) 11:55
4: sanctuary 17:48
5: wings of karma (end cuts) 16:40

disc 2  (76:58)

6: vision is a naked sword 37:04
7: drum solo 16:55
8: encore break crowd and tuning 3:10
9: dawn 19:49

Runtime: 132:08 (minutes/seconds)

Format: FLAC


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