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John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy - 1961 & 1963, (cleaned and Speed Fixed)[FLAC]

John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy
1961-11-00 & 1963,-04-00 (cleaned and Speed Fixed)[FLAC]

a Flambay - U014945 Production

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All info from the Coltrane Reference Book

1961-11-01  11-05   JOHN COLTRANE QUARTET  With Eric Dolphy



John Coltrane ( ts )
Eric Dolphy (alto)
Reggie Workman (b) or Jimmy Garrison (b);
Elvin Jones (dr);

00  Chasin Another Trane 18:20

The recording is mono with several noises (Whistles)  and tape problems here and there that I have fixed. At  13:42 there is a Gap - I think that there are no more than 1-2 seconds missing - maybe less 

Two long solos By Trane

Eric joins at 9:48
Trane at 12:50


Coltrane Practicing With Dolphy
PROBABLY CA. APRIL-JULY 1963 (not confirmed).
Unknown venue, unknown city.


John Coltrane (ts);
Eric Dolphy (as);
Jimmy Garrison (b); (1-2)
Roy Haynes (dr); (1-2)


01 Warming up  00:46
02 Last Blues  17:54
03 Duet N.1    02:35
04 Duet N.2    00:54
05 Duet n.3    02:03

TT 24:17

Track Notes

*1  Warm - up

Includes conversation by the musicians in the background (first few seconds);
a few piano notes are sounded at one point (probably to assist in tuning), though there's no piano on the subsequent performance.

*2 Last Blues

Coltrane begins playing the opening theme out of his warm-up.
The theme seems to be related to the theme of “The Last Blues” (see session 65–0610), though the body of the tune is an extended improvisation that doesn't particularly resemble “The Last Blues.”

Coltrane solos until about 11:48;
Haynes then solos until about 13:51;
Dolphy then solos until the tape cuts off.

Session Note

[1] Personnel identified based on aural evidence.
The playing is similar to other recordings from this period with Roy Haynes,
so we think it was probably recorded between April and July 1963 (not confirmed);
the venue and location are unknown. This may have been a rehearsal—no audience noise is audible.


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