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Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live in Toledo, OH, USA, November 29, 1975 [2CD][SBD][FLAC][upgrade]


Final concert of The Mahavishnu Orchestra at the Toledo University. In 1975 while introducing the band they played a piece referred to as "Band intro Jam" at this concert before it they played a 12 bar blues and finish the piece and then go into the familiar riff of the "Band intro Jam" as they are so different I made it a seperate track. To fill in during some technical difficulty John McLaughlin plays "My Foolish Heart" someone in the audience doesn't like it and calls out something and John berates the person at the end of the song The Moog guitar syntheiser was trouble free and they play "Inner Worlds". After "One Word"  Narada plays a solo then they play a short version of "Be Happy" and at the end of this as it was the last concert they  play "Star Spangled Banner" the tape cuts just as they are ending.  Trivia ..... the support act was..... The Jan Hammer Group!

Artwork included!

Sound Board Recording

(Upgraded version)

Lineage: Cassette > PC (Soundforge) wav > Flac Frontend level 8


John McLaughlin - guitar
Narada Michael Walden - drums
Ralph Armstrong - bass
Stu Goldberg - keyboards


01 - Meeting of The Spirits
02 - Open Country Joy
03 - untitled 12 Bar Blues
04 - Band Intro Jam
05 - Sanctuary
06 - You Know You Know
07 - My Foolish Heart
08 - Inner Worlds
09 - One Word
10 - Drum solo / Be Happy
11 - Star Spangled Banner 

Total time: 88:51

Format: FLAC


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