Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live at Music Hall, Boston, MA, 1975-05-03

This show is a really good recording and seems to be a complete performance. I don't know much about Dan Lampinski, other than he seems to have been blessed with good ears and seemingly good recording equipment. He also seems to be respected for at least those 2 things and the many shows from many artists that he shared with others. This recording seems to have come from him.
The jury is out as to the exact personnel on this recording. I did see them in NY on this leg of the tour, but I honestly can't remember exactly who was up on stage. I do believe Bob Knapp was still on trumpet, and I do fuzzily recall Ponty. There may be a personnel roll call somewhere in this performance that would verify who's playing, but I haven't listened to the whole show in a while to know for sure.

A particular treat for me at this show is hearing McLaughlin bravely play a beautiful rendition of the old standard My Foolish Heart. He'd obviously revisit that on the Johnny McLaughlin Electric Guitarist release after Shakti disbanded in the late 70's, and on Thieves and Poets from 2003 (with the Aighetta Guitar Quartet). To do this in 1975 in the middle of a high octane show with Jeff Beck on the same bill and all of the mid 70's guitar hero frenzy in the audience was a pretty bold artistic statement from John.

This is about as clean and clear of a show from this tour and this MO as we're ever likely to hear. My guess is that this has been up here before, but I'm seeding it now based on the reactions in comments to the show Ian recently seeded from the same tour and band. Thanks to Dan L for the original recording, to whoever traded it to me, and to John McL and the MO for this great stuff way back when.

Please always support the great artists here by purchasing their commercially released material, and by paying to see them live. Enjoy!


John McLaughlin - Guitar
Ralphe Armstrong - Electric Bass
Gayle Moran - Keyboards, vocals
Steve Kindler -  Violin
Carol Shive -  Violin
Norma Jean Bell - Saxophone
Russel Tubbs - Saxophone
Philip Hirschi - Cello
Narada Michael Walden - Drums
Bob Knapp- trumpet ???
Jean-Luc Ponty- violin ???

Source- Dan Lampinski recording> CD-r trade > EAC disc extraction> TLH Wav to flac formatting. 


1- Introduction
2- Eternity's Breath
3- You Know, You Know
4- Sanctuary
5- Lila's Dance
6- My Foolish Heart
7- Vision Is A Naked Sword

Format: FLAC


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