Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Flatland, feat. Riku Taira & Koichi Yabori (Fragile), Kenji Hino [Video]

12 year old Japanese drum sensation Riku Taira is joined by several members of Fragile; Fazjaz for this in studio fusion session.
Featuring keyboardist Kiyomi Otaka, who penned many of the tunes performed, guitarist Koichi Yabori (Fragile),
bassist Kenji "Jino" Hino & drummer Kozo Suganuma (Fragile) who also produced the dvd.

Running time 58 minutes.


2.Riku Drum solo
3.Flat Land / Kiyomi Otaka
4.#26 / Kiyomi Otaka
5.Third Hand / Kiyomi Otaka
6.Departure / Kiyomi Otaka
7.Cool Duck / Kiyomi Otaka
8.Gekida / assure
9.Last Funk


Riku Taira (Drums)
Kiyomi Otaka( Organ)
Koichi Yabori (Guitar)
Kenji Hino (Bass)
Kozo Suganuma (Didgeredoo)

Source: Youtube

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