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Mahavishnu Orchestra - "Winging The Infinite" - Live at Community Center, Berkeley, CA, USA, November 9th, 1972 [SBD][REMASTER][2CD][FLAC]

Mahavishnu Orchestra (TomP) V2 REMASTER

WARNING !!! Don't miss this Smokin' HOT Killer Mahavishnu show !!!

Quality: Definitely A++

Source: Download from Lossless Legs posted by 'wharfratjoe' (thanks!!)

Lineage: KPFA reels (from the soundboard)->unknown transfer and mastering->CDR->EAC (with proper offsets)->WAV->SHN>FLAC

Original Changes Made (Nero 7) to original remaster

Swapped over reversed L & R channels on first 2 tracks of each disk
Cross-mixed tracks (70:30)
- improves extreme channel balance, instrument clarity and noise

Further V2 changes (Nero 8 unless indicated):

Corrected phase offset of -0.03msec
Clip restoration and fixing of too high levels in parts of Disk 1 (Audition 3)
Further cross-mixing (ratio 98:2)
Gentle low-setting NR, reduces mainly hum but also actually improves sound quality
Removed the silence / gaps between tracks 04 & 05, concert is continuous for those with digital streamers
Fixed the small glitches between other tracks on disk 1
Combined tracks for editing, then re-tracked to avoid SBEs
NO EQ, compression or other sound enhancements used, just fixing more recording deficiencies.

The original remaster has been on the tracker for more than 2 years and 1285 downloads, but since then I've learnt to use other tools and have been able to improve it further. The music sounds louder (despite no level or other sound enhancing changes), there is more bass, Cobham's drums have more punch and there is more depth (emotion?) to the sound of this great music.

IMHO the best just got better...Enjoy !!



John Mclaughlin - electric & acoustic guitars
Jan Hammer - keyboards, moog
Jerry Goodman - violin
Rick Laird - bass
Billy Cobham - drums


Disc 1 (63.46)

01 - Birds of Fire (14.08) >
02 - Miles Beyond (15.32)
03 - You Know, You Know (09.50)
04 - Dream (24.12)

Disc 2 (61.52)

05 - One Word (19.02)
06 - The Dance of Maya (20.39)
07 - Sanctuary (05.25) >
08 - A Lotus on Irish Streams (08.19) >
09 - Vital Transformation (08.25)

YTotal time: 2:05:32

Posted by TomP on Dime Sept 2009

V1 Remaster Notes >>>

The original sounds great, but with un-naturally wide stereo image with solo instruments
hard left or right and appears to have had some stereo broadening some time in the chain,
plus channels were swapped over on some of the tracks.

All that was easy to fix and now it sounds quite superb, almost CD quality, so here it is
by request of several Dimers in another recent MO post...

...Enjoy !!

Original Posters Notes >>>

Excellent soundboard quality. Enjoy!

This show smokes! As requested (in FLAC format) that is up on [url] [/url]
in-case those may not have an account there.

I also have to thank me64 who originally seeded this here and on dime!!! Thanks Bro!!!

Artwork included !!

Download links in comments


Dr. Fusion said...

Links coming soon !!!

Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06
Part 07
Part 08

Roland561 said...

thanks for this. Will download soon.

propylaen2001 said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Dank dank dank!!!


Anonymous said...

Doctor I just listened to this show and it's a killer indeed. the sound is amazing and mclaughlin's machine gun guitar fire is just incredible.

hulaboy said...

Fantastic! Compared with Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire sounded contrived when it came out (and it still does), but this recording proves the band could still happen. (By '73, though, they were a tedious joke. I heard them open for Zappa, and Frank just wiped the stage clean with McL's butt - it was sad to hear.) Thanks for the excellent listen!

Mr.JazzFusion/Hip Hop said...

Great show and my hats off to all the hard working in the mixing lab
to get this tight, job well done.
This show is definitly on FIRE!!!!!

Nextor said...

Se Agradece Dr Fusion

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Do you have any SBD-quality MO from 1973?

TyGuy said...

Excellent show. John is on fire here. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, jjp

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this show. Sounds like a killer RoIO.

Many thanks,

Craig, a.k.a. Torchlitcat

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great one. Many thanks!

Craig a.k.a. Torchlitcat

deegee said...

would it be possible to repost this ultimate Mahavishnu I concert?

Doren Garcia said...

I was there. Orchestra pit center. It was everything people say it was and more. Shattering.