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John Coltrane Quartet with Eric Dolphy - Live in New York and Philadelphia 1961 (Cleaned and speed fix)[FLAC]

961-07-23 & 07-29 JOHN COLTRANE Quartet/ Quintet with Dolphy Cleaned and Speed Fixed

a Flambay - U014945 Production

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All info from the Coltrane Reference Book

POSSIBLY SUNDAY, JULY 23, 1961 (date not confirmed).
Art D'Lugoff's Village Gate, New York City (185 Th ompson St. at Bleecker St., borough of Manhattan).


John Coltrane (ss [1.], [3.], [4.]; ts [2.], [5.]);
McCoy Tyner (p);
Reggie Workman (b); Art Davis (b [a.], possibly others);
Elvin Jones (dr); unknown (ann)


1    Ole'    18:49 
2    Naima       03:52    
3    My Favorite Thing (Fragment) 2:12  
4    Greensleeves    16:15  
5    Body and Soul   08:50   inc   

Notes to Tracks

Titles [1.]-[3.] are continuous.

01  Bass Solo almost Unlistenable to.  This is the only known live version of Ole'
02  many noises cleaned

Titles [4.] and [4.] may be from a different set.

Better sound and fewer noises .

04  The announcer identifies the group as a quintet: Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you our second show of this evening [unintelligible];  John Coltrane and the Quintet.
04  almost complete
05  only theme and (GREAT) sax solo present
1961-07-24 & 1961-07-29 

JOHN COLTRANE QUARTET/QUINTÉT Showboat Cleaned and Speed Fixed

POSSIBLY JULY 24-29, 1961 (not confirmed).
Showboat, Philadelphia, PA (Broad & Lombard Streets in the Douglas Hotel).


John Coltrane (ts [1.], [3]; ss [2.]);
Eric Dolphy (as [3.]);
McCoy Tyner (p);
Reggie Workman (b);
Elvin Jones (dr)


01  Unidentified Composition                      07:03
02  My Favorite Thing  (Fragment)            03:57
03  Impressions                                 20:43

TT   31:46

Note to Tracks :

01 Sounds like unidentified composition [1.] from session 61-0301 61-0312.
 (Sutherland Hotel)
the track was very dirty at the beginnig - I had to amplify the first 29"

02 My Favorite Thing
divided into 2 parts  Beginning and end (great gap at 00:27)
Audience whistle added

03  Powerful, energetic solos from both Coltrane and Dolphy
it his highly likely that Impressions comes from another set (sound Quality and Dolphy present)


Maurizio (a big thanks)

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