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Santana - Live at Keystone Korner, Berkeley, CA, USA, September 12, 1972 [FLAC]

Audience recording

Another one from the archives.  This is an audience recording and the sound isn't as good as some of the other Santana shows I've put up here.  The sound quality  also varies throughout the show as if the taper were moving around while recording.  However, this is a very interesting performance and well worth a listen.  It seems to have been a sort of live tryout for the "Caravanserai" tour and took place about a month before the album was released. In addition, this features the only known live performances of "Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation" and "Waves Within" and one of only two known live performances (the other being Seattle 1972-10-15) of "La Fuente Del Ritmo".  These tracks were all dropped from the setlist very early on for some reason. Enjoy! (the taper)

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Carlos Santana - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Doug Rauch - Bass Guitar
Richard Kermode - Keyboards
Tom Coster - Keyboards
Michael Shrieve - Drums
Jose "Chepito" Areas - Percussion, Vocals
Armando Peraza - Percussion, Vocals


01 Eternal Caravan Of Reincarnation (4:15)
02 Waves Within (3:31)
03 Look Up (To See What's Coming Down) (4:00)
04 Just In Time To See The Sun (2:08)
05 Incident At Neshabur (8:36)
06 Se A Cabo (3:31)
07 Bambele (4:32)
08 Stone Flower (2:29)
09 Batucada (0:40)
10 Xibaba (2:31)
11 Stone Flower Reprise (1:21)
12 Castillos De Arena Part 1 (2:18)
13 Free Angela (2:44)
14 Castillos De Arena Part 2 (1:30)
15 Earth (3:17)
16 La Fuente Del Ritmo (6:28)
17 Welcome (4:12)
18 Every Step Of The Way (10:09)

TT - 68:18


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Caravanserai was my fav Santana lp so any show with trax from that is cool with me. too bad there is no better recording of this show but its listenable. thanks