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Herbie Hancock Quintet - Britt Amphitheater, Jacksonville, OR, USA, June 18th, 2007 [FLAC]

The show is very dynamic, no compression or other processing was done, it is very live and what I would call a Phat Sound! toward the end in the "encores" Chameleon t11 & t12 the bass is a bit more pronounced, perhaps as the crowd stood up then, who knows? The venue has "blanket" seating in front of the reserved bench seating, it is also picnic style. consequently you can hear the occasional paper bag ruffle, and bottle clank, and zipper zip. at the venue you may bring in beer and wine and coolers here it is by far one of the most awesome outdoor venues in Oregon, which is why I drove the over 3 hours from my home, while he played only 45 minutes away at the Hult center the nite before. This show was far from sold out, rumor had it that there were only 600 or so pre-sale tix, for a 2000 seat outdoor ampthitheatre. Sound was done by George Relles sound crew, very nice meyer sound speakers and a sweet, midas mixer. Check out this write up and we were seated about 20' from the stage on a slight rise in the grass dead center, there was no seated directly in front of, or blocking us. The Meyer sound speakers hanging and on stage with smaller "fill" speakers pointed directly at the front crowd were I was seated. you can even hear the crickets chirping during Maiden Voyage... and at the end of I just called to say I love you. Enjoy! ArchivalAudio 7.17.07

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Recorded by: ArchivalAudio

Audience Recording

Master Info: 20' from stage dead center seated

Lineage: Rode NT-5's (hat rig) > MOTU Ultralite 24/44.1 > iBook G4 1.25mhz/1.2GB ram (via firewire) > AudioDesk 2.04

Transfer info: (raw SDII files opened into) Peak 4 (G4+) to track and perform fades saved as wave file - saved as 16 bit files - and regions exported .wav xACT v1.58 to FLAC (level 8) generate ffp and len output


Herbie Hancock: Piano & keyboards
Nathan East : Bass
Lionel Loueke : Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums


01. intro crowd
02. Butterfly > Actual Proof
03. Watermelon Man with seventeens
04. Stitched up
05. Virgin Forest
06. Maiden Voyage
07. I just called to say I love you
08. When Love comes to town
09. Cantaloupe Island
10. Band Introductions
11. (encore) - Chameleon (started from backstage)
12. Chameleon

Enjoy !!!

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