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Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group - Live at Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI, USA, July 3rd, 1976 [FLAC]

Another JEMS master from out of the basement archives. This is the second (and longer) of two Jeff Beck shows from Detroit on July 3rd, 1976. Jeff doesn't make his way on stage until midway through the fourth song (Darkness - Earth In Search Of A Sun). This is a fantastic show. Enjoy !!!

!!! Highly Recommended !!!

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Artist: Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group

Date: 1976-07-03 Late Show
Location: Detroit, MI
Venue: Masonic Temple

Source: Audience

Lineage: Maxell UD Cassette>Nakamichi 670 Playback deck>
Nakamichi outboard Dolby B Unit>Wavelab>wav24/96>wav16/44>Flac

Taping Gear: Sony TC-153SD(Dolby B), Advent Dynamic Mics

Taped and transferred by JEMS

Excellent Sound !!!

Band Members:

Jeff Beck - Guitar
Jan Hammer - Keyboards
Steve Kindler - Violin
Fernando Saunders - Bass
Tony Smith - Drums


01. Sister Andrea
02. Oh Yeah?
03. Country And Eastern Music
04. Darkness - Earth In Search Of A Sun
05. You Know What I Mean
06. Scatterbrain
07. Freeway Jam(cut in middle due to tape flip)
08. Earth (Still Our Only Home)
09. Diamond Dust
10. Full Moon Boogie
11. Sophie
12. Led Boots

Enjoy !!!

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