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Dixie Dregs & Jaco Pastorius - Live at Musician's Exchange, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, September 26th, 1982 [FLAC]

Note on etree db:

Show originally scheduled for the parking lot at Musician's Exchange; moved at the last minute to City Limits near main gate of Port Everglades. Jaco plays the last three songs.
Regarding that "Jaco played on the last 3 songs", I suspect that is false? Looking at the order of the tape & I don't think The Dregs are going to close a show with a "Jaco Solo (America)" but rather "Cruise Control." Can anybody who was there confirm?

Notes from mr_mags:

*Recording starts off a little muffled but cleans up some after about a minute.

*Most Between song banter is not recorded so therefore some harsh cuts

*I *think* I got the setlist right

Aside from the very historic aspect of Jaco playing on this, it is not a bad sounding recording- some parts better than others? Great performance, of course. Quite enjoyable- IMO. Interesting setlist with "what If" and a preview of "Huron River Blues" from Steve's first solo album.
Enjoy !!! ~mr_mags

Provided by mr_mags

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Sound quality: B/B+


Steve Morse: Guitar
Andy West: Bass
Rod Morgenstein: Drums
Mark O'Connor: Violin, Guitar
T. Lavitz: Keyboards

Special guest:

Jaco Pastorious*


CD 1

T1 Assembly Line 1:32
T2 Take It Off The Top 4:03
T3 Divided We Stand 4:40
T4 Moe Down 4:00
T5 Bloodsucking Leeches(O'Connor on guitar) (cuts in) 4:01
T6 Intros & blues jam 1:32
T7 What If 5:15
T8 Odyssey 5:57
T9 Chips Ahoy 3:18
T9 Huron River Blues 3:18
T10 Ice Cakes 7:10

CD 2

T1 Vitamin Q
T2 Blues*
T3 Blues*
T4 America*
T5 Rock & Roll Park
T6 The Bash
T7 Cruise Control

*With Jaco Pastorious

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
Part 02
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Anonymous said...

Beste Fred,

Wow, ben benieuwd naar deze! Ben een fan van de Dregs en wist niet dat ze met Pastorius gespeeld hadden.
Ook veel dank voor Soft Machine!


Milton said...

thanks doc. did you hear..the steve morse band is touring later this month. hope some people record some of the shows. cant wait to hear them play songs from the new album.

Dr. Fusion said...

Thanks Milton!! I didn't know they were about to tour. How cool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this !
My all-time favorite band with one of our late great electric bass inovators as guest !
Please keep the 'Dixie Dregs' shows coming !