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Various Artists - A Tribute to Miles Davis - Live at Klaviersommer, Munich, Germany, July 19, 1992 [FM][REMASTER][FLAC]

FM Recording



Wayne Shorter: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Herbie Hancock: piano
Wallace Roney: trumpet
Ron Carter: bass
Tony Williams: drums

Retracked and clicks removed from a previous posting.

Very good quality recording, originally to HiFi VHS audio


01. So What 12.08
02. RJ 7.29
03. Pinocchio 7.18
04. Elegy 15.08
05. All Blues 14.22
06. Unknown 13.28
07. The Theme 1.59

Total Time: 71.55 min

Remaster info:

There were a number of sharp clicks which were relatively easy to remove in Soundforge. Some tracks had more clicks than others, in one case I made over 100 edits to a five minute section, but these were often separate edits to each channel. Also retracked, and one gap between tracks removed.

From having made recordings to HiFi VHS audio I recognised the characterises of this recording. This is far more dynamic and clear than a cassette recording, but the HiFi VHS does have its own flaws. If tracking is even very fractionally out it is prone to adding sharp clicks, often tracking can not be finely adjusted enough to prevent this. It also makes a purring noise when volume drops suddenly, this is quite evident at the start of 'Pinocchio'. Unfortunately it also happens with muted trumpet, but does not spoil the recording.

The clicks have been removed with 'Copy other channel', EQ, or cutting, in Soundforge.
The purring effect could not be treated without adversely affecting the music.

Lineage: FM>HiFi VHS tape(very probably 1st or 2nd generation)>CD Transfer Phillips CDR 560>trade>AUDIO CD >EAC Secure Modus>Flac Frontend Level 6>Flac

Edit: Flac>wav>Soundforge>wav>Flac (level 8, sector boundary aligned, verified).

Original lineage: SOURCE: FM>tape(unknown generation)>CD Transfer Phillips CDR 560>trade>AUDIO CD >EAC Secure Modus>Flac Frontend Level 6>Flac

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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