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Shawn Lane & Jonas Hellborg - Live at La Colorada, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 13th, 14th & 15th, 2000 [SBD][3CD][FLAC]

Shawn Lane (1963 - 2003) R.I.P.

A very interesting and unique set from one of my favorite guitar players that is not widely circulated. This is a great representation of Shawn's genius and I really like some of the interpretations of these songs by this band. I hope you will too :-) Enjoy!



Shawn Lane
La Colorada
Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 13,14,15


Shawn Lane - Guitar
Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Tommy Priaccus - Keys
Les Birchfield - Drums

Source: Soundboard

Quality: Very Good+/Excellent

Lineage: SBD > ?? > CDr > EAC (Secure/offset corrected) > .WAV > FLAC (L5/Sector Boundaries Aligned) > YOU


CD1 : 10/13/2000

Set List (71:17)

01 - Peace In Mississippi (Hendrix Cover) > Temporal Analogues 1st Movement (excerpt)
02 - Rules Of The Game
03 - Rice With The Angels
04 - Trademark (Eric Johnson Cover)
05 - Movie Theme Song Medley
06 - Rice With The Angels

CD2: 10/14/2000

Set List (70:32)

01 - Peace In Mississippi (Hendrix Cover)
02 - Improvisation > Abstract Logic
03 - Rice With The Angels
04 - Trademark (Eric Johnson Cover)

CD3: 10/15/2000

Set List (71:34)

01 - Rules Of The Game > Peace In Mississippi > Temporal Analogues
02 - Song For Diane
03 - La Grange > Improvisation

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

links coming soon...

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Zer0_II said...

Hello again Fred. I had updated the link to your blog on the Digital Meltd0wn Music Blogroll, but apparently the post wasn't saved correctly. I just wanted to drop by and let you know that the problem has been fixed. I also added as second link under the "recently added blogs" category to inform my visitors of the new url. Cheers.


Dr. Fusion said...

Thank you very much ZerO_II
I'm glad to be back on your wonderful blogroll!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Dr. Fusion!!!
Only checked out the first (long!) tune so far but it is smokin' and hot damn, Shawn is nice and loud in the mix!!! Looking forward to downloading the rest (and all three of the shows, Yowza!!!)

Anonymous said...

I do love these 3 shows!
Thanks for all the great posts, Dr. Fusion!
Interesting that these are in mono--sometimes that's because they have also been filmed & recorded to videotape(?)--wonder if that's the case here? That would be incredible to see if so! -dandor

Dr. Fusion said...

There are many great Shawn Lane videos at Youtube (100+) and I know there are many DVDs but I only have one :-) Let's hope some more will show up here in the future. I do have many more Shawn Lane bootlegs so stay tuned !!

Check here for any info about Lane shows:


Anonymous said...

This is the same "anonymous" again. I do really like these performances too! Very long jammed out versions of the more 'epic' pieces. I did notice something strange(?) about the setlists. For example, in the first show their are two versions of "Rice With The Angels" but that is an Indian-type melody which sounds like Sankarabharanam to me which Hellborg/Lane often played live with the Ganesh bros.--it's on the live dvd and the Pizza Express show here. And on the second show from La Colorada--they do play Rice With The Angels--Shawn even announced it: and it is a different much slower piece with a moody feel to it. (And i was also listening to the Fredman's Swedish radio performance and the last song played was announced by the Swedish radio person as Rice With The Angels, but it is again, the Indian-type fast melody of Sankarabharanam! Perhaps the misunderstanding in the setlists of these concerts is due to the erroneous(?) intro of that song in the Swedish show???) I think all along that Sankarabharanam has gotten confused with Rice With The Angels, as evidenced by these La Colorada concerts!?! Now i'm confused! -dandor

Anonymous said...

Mr CT says "Thanks Dr Fusion! I LOVE Shawn Lane...an outstanding improv shred master!
The set list, as you mentioned, is very unusual and the added keys create a different foil for Lane and Jonas. Good stuff - thanks again!"

Dimmick Casey said...

Any chance of getting the links for this working again? Would love to listen to these.