Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jeff Beck - Live at Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Scotland, June 28th, 2009 [FLAC]

Audience recording

Recording info: Church Audio CA14 Cardoids -> CA9100 Pre-amp -> Edirol R09 (Hydra cabling)

Transfer info: Audition (fades->light EQ->24/48->16/44) -> CDWave (track splitting) -> TLH (flac level 8)

Band members:

Jeff Beck - Guitar
Tal Wilkenfeld - Bass
Jason Rebello - Keyboards
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums


01 [03:57] Beck's Bolero
02 [03:43] The Pump
03 [03:57] You Never Know
04 [05:29] Cause We've Ended As Lovers
05 [05:19] Behind The Veil
06 [03:36] Blast From The East
07 [05:31] Stratus
08 [05:40] Angel (Footsteps)
09 [01:44] Drum Solo
10 [05:02] Led Boots
11 [03:34] Nadia
12 [05:20] Space Boogie
13 [06:41] Goodbye Pork Pie Hat -> Brush With The Blues
14 [04:48] Blue Wind
15 [02:41] Bass Solo
16 [06:06] Big Block
17 [05:14] A Day In The Life
18 [03:05] Band Intro and encore
19 [03:35] Where Were You
20 [04:22] Peter Gunn Theme

Total [89:34]

Gig Notes:

Jeff is not known as a guitar legend for nothing, everything he does looks effortless, but sounds sublime. I went along as a first-timer, so was blown away by the music and the amazing band, with Tal, Vinnie, and Jason all showing their worth throughout the evening. The night wasn't a sell-out, as there were still seats in the upper circle, though place was very busy. I bet a few folks will be kicking themselves to have missed this one.
The RCH is a cut above the usual gig haunts, the toilets even have doors :-) Also, not too many halls are air-conditioned, which was a bonus.

Recording notes and sound quality:

Recording position was in the middle of the stalls in a central position. Due to the lower volume in this venue I needed to boost the volume somewhat. I run the R09 at unity gain and the 9100 was up full. Posh people don't like their ears bleeding. :-) The only eq was to take the bass back just the tiniest bit, otherwise it was a pretty good sound from the venue, as you might expect.
There was the odd bit of chat near me - once or twice, but nothing bad, and the crowd were pretty reverential during the quiet parts. I hope you enjoy this recording.

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Please support Jeff by buying his albums, merch, and by going to see him live.


Format: FLAC

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