Tuesday, August 30, 2016

John McLaughlin, Christian Escoude, Paco De Lucia, Larry Coryell, Philip...

First part:

John McLaughlin - acoustic guitar
Christian Escoude - acoustic guitar


01  Electric Dreams Electric Sighs
02  The Dolphin
03  Frevo Rasgado ***
04  Guardian Angel
05  Morning of The Carnival ***
06  Tres Hermanos - John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia
07  One Plus Two Blues - Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine

***= synced to FM radio broadcast 

Second part:

Miles Davis talks about John McLaughlin

Third part:

John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia

Last part:

Larry Coryell & Philip Catherin


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RNB said...

Sadly, it's been taken down... Any chance to get download links?