Monday, April 18, 2011

John McLaughlin & Friends - "Caap Afrika" Soundcheck - Live at Theatre Des Varietes, November 26th, 2006, Monaco [DVD]

John McLaughlin et se amis - Guitars For Afrika - Charity concert "Caap Afrika"

SOUNDCHECK (saturday afternoon)


Thanks to luckymusic


John McLaughlin - guitar
Eric Sempe - guitar
Marc Guillermont - guitar
Louis Winsberg - guitar
Hadrien Feraud - bass
Dominique Di Piazza - bass
Claude Tedesco - keyboard
Roger Rossignol - piano and keyboard
Jean Michel "KiKi" Aublette - drums
Adrian White-percussion, vocal


1. Tuning Intro
2. Untitled (marc guillermont)
3. Untitled (cont.ed)
4. Nothing Personal (Don Grolnick)
5. Eric' song # 1 (eric sempe)
6. Eric' song # 2 (eric sempe)
7. Louis Winsberg' song
8. TGV (louis winsberg)
9. Hijacked (john mclaughlin)
10. Señor CS (john mclaughlin)

Total Time: 58' 27"

Format: DVD [PAL]


Audio=ac3, 48Khz, stereo, 192 kb/s

Video=mpeg2, 720x576, 25,00 fps

P.s. The actual concert dvd will follow but I highly recommend to watch this show first! 

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