Thursday, December 3, 2009

VIDEO: Coryell,Cobham, Coster & Bailey - Live at Cormons, Italy, August 2nd, 2004 [DVD]

Don't think I have seen this around here so I thought I would share it with all the Jazz Fusion gang. Enjoyable Aud Shot DVD of a line-up I have never seen circulating except for on this DVD. It seems to be like one of Billy's "Spectrum Revisited" line-ups with Mr Coryell instead of Gambale or Dean Brown. *help w/ set list appreciated. I Remember the tunes but not their titles! Enjoy !!!


A-/B+ Aud Shot

-Single Camera

-Basically very steady cam work- I suspect some kind of tripod was used.
-Great sound & pretty clear pic
-Many good close ups
-Although there is some choice footage of Victor Bailey, he is mostly out of the shot.


Larry Coryell: Guitar
Billy Cobham: Drums
Tom Coster: Keys
Victor Bailey: Bass & Scat


T1 Crosswinds
T2 ?
T3 Panama
T4 ?
T5 She's Leaving Home (LC Solo)
T6 Spaces Revisited
T7 Dana
T8 Red Baron

TT= 90 min


704 x 576

Enjoy !!!

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