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Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin - "A Live Supreme - Brothers Of The Spirit" - Ampitheatre, Chicago, IL, September 1, 1973 [SBD][REMASTER][FLAC]

Inamorata remaster/pitch corrected edition

The source of this recording was uploaded in August 2008 by overendwatts (thanks a lot!), who took it from another site. The original source is a bootleg CD made from a very nice-sounding sbd, which however has one major problem throughout: a crackling noise that appears with higher levels, mostly in the drums and Santana's guitar. This is not too difficult to remedy with the appropriate software (ProTools LE with various pro-level plug-ins). In order not to degrade the audio unnecessarily, I applied three different levels of filtering and reassembled the music from the three versions according to my ears, always choosing the one with just as much filtering as necessary to remove the noise. I manually removed a few minor glitches and, lastly, did a pitch correction (from 38 to 48 cent on CD 1, 52 cent on CD 2), the original source running slightly flat. This is an amazing performance (check out Mr. Cobhams drumming!) Enjoy !!

Source: Bootleg CD - "A Live Supreme Brothers Of The Spirit"

Original lineage given as: sbd>?>cdr>wav>flac

Remaster lineage: flac > aiff (xACT) > 24bit filtered (ProTools LE with various plug-ins) > 16bit aiff > retracked > flac (8) (xACT)


Devadip Carlos Santana - Guitars
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Guitars
Doug Rauch - Electric Bass
Billy Cobham - Drums
Armando Peraza - Congas, Percussion
Khalid Yasin (aka Larry Young) - Organ


CD 1

01 Meditation 1:52
02 The Life Divine 18:36
03 A Love Supreme 19:59
04 Afro Blue 28:43
05 Introductions 1:24
06 Naima 6:14

CD 2

01 Flame Sky 16:33
02 Taurian Matador 13:36
03 Armando Peraza Solo 6:54
04 Billy Cobham Solo 5:14
05 Taurian Matador Reprise 3:24
06 Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord 25:23

TT 74:48 (CD 1) + 71:05 (CD 2) = 2:25:53

Artwork included !!!

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