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Soft Machine (Feat. Allan Holdsworth) - Live at Crouse College, Syracuse, NY, March 13, 1974 [SBD][FLAC]

This is fusion as it should be! I have always loved jazz-rock-fusion from the seventies and believe me when I say that this is a MUST-HAVE for any fan. Allan Holdsworth's playing on this recordings is hotter than hot !! Together with some great artwork, this show has an excellent sound quality for 1974! The Source tape for this recording was unearthed from the tape archives of WAER-FM in the early 1980's. By this time, it had seeemingly been forgotten. The original reel-to-reel quarter inch tape was carefully transferred to cassette tape using Nakamichi equipment. Now, with the advent of inexpensive computer CD recording, the recording has been preserved onto CD-R with the hope this will be a fairly permanent storage mechanism. Judicious use of noise reduction has been digitally applied to help bring out the subtleties of the performance. The recording was made on the campus of Syracuse University in Upstate New York. The performance was held in Crouse College (see picture below), which is one of the original buildings on the Syracuse campus and dates from the late 1890's. It is still being actively used for musical concerts to this day. Enjoy !!!!!!!

Provided by ctbarker32

Excellent sound quality. I believe this is the definitive source for this concert since I had access to the original reel-to-reel source.

Lineage: SBD->Reel to Reel->Transfer to Nakamichi Cassette->Digital Capture->Burn to CD-R


Soft Machine
Crouse College, Syracuse, NY
March 13, 1974


Karl Jenkins
Allan Holdsworth
Roy Babbington
John Marshall
Mike Ratledge


01. Hazard Profile Pt. 1 10:07
02. Hazard Profile Pt. 2 2:14
03. Hazard Profile Pt. 3 :35
04. Hazard Profile Pt. 4 1:11
05. Hazard Profile Pt. 5 5:58
06. The Floating World 13:45
07. The Man Who Waved at Trains / Pef 10:07
08. The Man Who Waved at Trains Pt. 2 :51
09. Bass Solo 6:52
10. Bundles 8:42
11. Four Gongs Two Drums (Drum Solo) 2:52

Total time: 1:04:29

Artwork included !!!

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04

survivo69 from dime said...

hi troward, the one you have uploaded here it is not ctbarker32's version (as mentioned in you descrition), available at , but instead it is the version uploaded by tom1133 (allegedly of inferior quality, but still great, if I remember correctly) at

ctbarkerker32: master reel > cass > CDR > flac
tom1133: silver cd > flac