Monday, September 14, 2009

Steve Lukather & Los Lobotomys - Live at Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan, July 19th, 1994 [FLAC]

I digged up loads of oldies from the dusty shelves and here is one of those. Great recording from the Japanese leg of Candyman Tour. This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!

Enjoy the music!!!

Provided by Hanshcv September 2009

Source: Audience

Transfer: MiniDisc (Sony device) > CD-R trade 100 years ago > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you

Sound Quality: B+/A-


Steve Lukather - Guitars & Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums
David Garfield - Keyboards
John Peña - Bass


1 Hero With A 1.000 Eyes
2 Freedom
3 band intro
4 Dismemberment
5 Borrowed Time
6 Never Let Them See You Cry
7 Extinction Blues
8 Song For Jeff (cuts)
9 The Bomber (cuts in)
10 I Feel Good/Lukather solo
11 Never Walk Alone/band intro
12 Party In Simon’s Pants
13 Luke’s Talking
14 Smell Yourself
15 Little Wing

Total time: 107min

Enjoy !!!

Format: FLAC

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Dr. Fusion said...

Links coming soon...!!

Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

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Anonymous said...

any chance for some updated links?Thanks.

Dr. Fusion said...

I'm afraid I lost this one. I will do my best to get it back but I do have other lobotomys shows.