Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stanley Jordan - Solo - Live at Estival Jazz, Mendrisio, Switzerland, June 27, 2009 [FLAC]

The amazing Stanley Jordan. Stanley plays guitar and piano at the same time! This show is highly recommended if you like beautiful guitar music with a magic touch!

Sound Qualtiy: A+

Lineage: RSI Rete 2 (MPEG1 Layer 2 / 256 kbps, 48kH) > received with satellite > tracked with wavelab > FLAC



Stanley Jordan - guitar,piano (simultaneously!)


CD 1: 40:40

01 Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix) 4:01
02 My One and Only Love 5:35
03 El Condor Pasa 4:57
04 Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 21: Andante in F Major 6:56
05 Stairways To Heaven (Led Zeppelin) 5:31
06 Title 6:25
07 Jazzy Blues – Guitar/Piano simultaneously 3:10
08 Another Jazzy blues – guitar only 4:00

CD2: 41:07

09 The Lady In My Life (From “Magic Touch”) 6:29
10 Title 5:21
11 How Insensitive 12:36
12 Yesterday / Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) 8:50
13 Title 5:05
14 Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 2:44

Very nice pictures here:

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04

mk said...

Great show, thanks very much for the upload. He's a fantastic artist.

Craig a.k.a. torchlitcat said...

Thanks again doc, I know this one will be great.


caldanitbrad said...

Nothing like solo Stanley--thanks for the exposure.

Neroon001 said...

nice share ! always thought that Stanley Jordan was /is quite a talent.Do you know by chance if he has ever done any duets with another guitar player,always thought that would be something to hear.Thanks for sharing this show

zachip said...

cd 1 - track 2 is the standart:
"My One and Only Love"

cd 2 - track 11 is jobim's:
"How Insensitive"

zachip said...

one more addition is for track 4. title is:

"Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 21: Andante in F Major"

Dr. Fusion said...

Thanks for your help Zachip !!