Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yul Emir - Mix for LocksmithBeatsRadio !12 [2009][Mp3]

Please check out our featured "artist of the week" keyboard/piano player Yul Emir. Not so very long ago I met Yul through the last FM music community and I was invited to listen to his music. I didn't know what to expect but to be honest, I couldn't stop listening to his fantastic tracks! Yul's music is a wonderful mix of jazz, Rock, funk, electronics and you will even hear some nice drum & bass now and then. Together with his improvisational jazz piano style this music will get your ass on the dance floor and make you want to swing till early morning a 100% guaranteed!!!! Many thanks to Yul for sharing this fantastic track with us! Enjoy !!!

New Album Out Soon !!!

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Artist & Track title:

Yul Emir - Mix for Locksmith Bearts Radio [2009][Mp3]


1. - OTPAALF - Yul Emir

2. - The Jam - Written by Yul Emir

Performed by N E Key:

Yul Emirali (Keys)
Pete Locker (Bass)
Rob Leake (Sax)
Lyndsey Evans (drums)

3. - God Made Me Funky - The Headhunters

4. - Yes Oh Lord I Believe - Yul Emir

5. - Root Down - Jimmy Smith

6. - Is That What You Mean? - Yul Emir

7. - Obl - Yul Emir

8. - Dinnertime Pork - Yul Emir

9. - The Jam - Written by Yul Emir

Performed by N E Key:

Yul Emirali (keys)
Pete Locker (bass)
Rob Leake (sax)
Lyndsay Evans (Drums)

10. Luv N' Haight - Sly and the Family Stone

11. Open All Hours - Written and performed by

The Descendant Members:

Dan Levitt (Drums)
Yul Emirali (Keys)
Jim Gilbert (Sax)
Doug Kinloch (Guitar)

Total time: 50:36

Format: Mp3

Enjoy !!!

For More Info Please Visit:

Yul Emir

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