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Ohm (Feat. Chris Poland) - Live at Cubby Bear, Chicago, Illinois USA, March 30, 2004 [FLAC]

Ohm are a fusion power trio from Los Angeles, led by former Megadeth lead guitarist and co-founder Chris Poland. This was the night they opened for the Frank Gambale Trio. They are regulars at the world famous Baked Potato in North Hollywood, CA. One of the most original fusion bands you will ever hear, they remind me a little of "X-Communication"-era Brand X, and Hellborg/Lane colloborations. Chris is obviously inspired by Holdsworth, with a style that's all his own. Robertino is a bass monster similar to the great Percy Jones, while Kofi Baker (Ginger's son) steals the show, with his unbelievable solo on "Jam At Tony's". This was an awesome start to a killer evening...Enjoy!!!

Aud > Core Sound Binaural Mics > Sony MZ-R70 > Sound Forge 9.0 > Traders Little Helper > Flac (level 6)

Many thanks to mlvcarlos


Chris Poland - Guitar
Robertino Pagliari - Bass
Kofi Baker - Drums


01. Intro 0:29
02. Terra Icognita 3:21
03. Came To Believe 2:46
04. Photograph 2:31
05. Peanut Buddha 3:45
06. Icarus Falls 3:57
07. Sister Cheryl 4:35
08. Amino Acid Flashback 3:58
09. Joog In Da Boat 3:29
10. Compass Of The Heart 4:37
11. Where's My Hat? 3:16
12. ID 4:05
13. Jam At Tony's 11:13
14. Sitting On Top Of The World 6:09

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!!

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