Thursday, July 23, 2009

Allan Holdsworth Group - Live at Paradise Rock Club, Boston, USA, April 14, 1986 [SBD][2CD][FLAC]

SoundBoard Recording

Thanks to glasnostrd19

Source: soundboard tape (unknown lineage, probably 2nd or 3rd generation)

Recording quality: A


Allan Holdsworth- guitar
Kei Akagi- keyboards
Jimmy Johnson- bass
Gary Husband- drums


Disc 1: (78:54)

01 - Non brewed condiment
02 - Looking glass
03 - White line
04 - Band introductions
05 - Funnels
06 - Atavachron
07 - Sand - Pud wud
08 - Devil take the hindmost
09 - Tokyo Dream

Disc 2: (26:19)

10: 3 Sheets to The Wind


11: Letters of Marque

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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upkerry14 said...

Thanks Doc!

Dr. Fusion said...

You're welcome upkerry!
BTW, Feel free to post some classic jazz boots here if you like!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! look at his hands...


Barleyman70 said...

Hi Doc! As I lost the list I sent you due to a virus (please check your mail out and send it back to me), I am not sure about having this one. But as a Holdsworth fan it's a pleasure for me to help you with the song list.
disc 1:
1: non brewed condiment
2: looking glass
3: white line
4: band introductions
5: funnels
6: atavachron
7: sand - pud wud
8: devil take the hindmost
9: Tokyo dream
disc 2:
10: 3 sheets to the wind
11: encore letters of marque

Thanks in advance

Glenn said...

9 - "Tokyo Dream",
10 - "Three Sheets to the Wind"

Dr. Fusion said...

To Barleyman70:

Will contact you in the next couple of days and send you your list. I'm sorry but I'm extremely busy at the moment and far behind with my emails.

Regards, Fred

Dr. Fusion said...

And many thanks for the setlist guys !!! Really appreciate your help!

Barleyman70 said...

No problem, Doc. I am on holidays all this month and resting after a minor surgery, so I can wait for you. Best, Barleyman70

Dr. Fusion said...

Happy holidays then Barleyman and good health to you! I'm a specialist in Mental & Spiritual healing so if I can help you with anything, just let me know.



Barleyman70 said...

Thanks for your nice offer, Doc. I am going well. Keep in contact