Friday, June 26, 2009

VIDEO: Jimi Hendrix - Live at Newport '69 [DVD]

All the 16 & 8 mm Jimi Hendrix footage

In the best possible quality

After a disappointing set on Friday night with the Experience, Jimi returns to head a jam session with lots of musicians from the festival. This download is comprised of a pair of smaller DVDs. The 16mm runs 21:47 and features sound synchronized at the time of recording, except for the last 2:24 which is silent footage shot from onstage. The 8mm footage runs 7:17 and was shot silent and recently re-synched to the available audio by JamminJimi.


Thanks to kcox5342 for this amazing video !!!

Show details:

Jimi Hendrix
Newport Pop Festival
Devonshire Downs
California, USA
June 22, 1969

From a 1st gen VHS tape

Quality: EX-


Jimi Hendrix - Guitar
Buddy Miles - Drums

Other musicians include:

Tracy Nelson
Cornelius "Snooky" Flowers
Terry Clements
Brad Campbell
Lee Oskar

Total time: 22 minutes

Format: DVD [NTSC]


NTSC video
Audio on 16mm is in MPEG
Audio on 8mm is Dolby Digital 2.0

No Chapters & Menu


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