Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alex Machacek, Terry Bozzio & Gerald Preinfalk - Live at INNtoene Festival, Diersbach, Austria, May 17, 2002 [FM][FLAC]

Alex Machacek is an amazing Austrian jazz fusion guitarist best known for his 1999 debut album Featuring Ourselves and the acclaimed follow-up Delete and Roll with the band BPM. He is critically acclaimed by the likes of John McLaughlin and the late Shawn Lane for his innovative style and the ease with which he shifts from legato to staccato. John McLaughlin said about him, "Alex Machacek's music starts where other music ends"

Very Highly Recommended by Dr. Fusion

Excellent FM Sound Quality !!!


Alex Machacek - guitar
Terry Bozzio - drum kit
Gerald Preinfalk - bass clarinet, clarinet


1. Austin Powers 6:42
2. Dicht 8:28
3. Strafe 9:12
4. Edison 8:03
5. S 150 9:48
6. Bulgarian Dance (> fm outro) 3:56

Total time: 46:09

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Terry Bozzio has always been a favorite drummer of mine always putting out some very creative music.not that familar with the other musicians though but that can change thanks again