Monday, April 27, 2009

VIDEO: John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension - Jazz a Vienne, Vienne, France, 07/07/2008 [DVD]

Excellent unofficial DVD

Source: TV Capture

Lineage: SkyStar 2 TV > Spesialnaya Card > HD > ProgDVB > Virtualdub > Nero7 > DVD5


John McLaughlin - Guitar
Dominique di Piazza - Bass
Gary Husband - Keys, Jungle Drums
Mark Mondesir - Drums


1. Raju
2. Hijacked
3. The Unknown Dissident
4. Senor C.S.
5. New Blues, Old Bruise
6. Sully

Duration : 0:52:40


Video : 720 x 576
Video Bitrate : 10080kbps VBR
Format : PAL 4:3
Audio codec: MPEG-1 Layer 2
Video codec: MPEG2
Format: DVD
Audio: 0xc0:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , Stereo

Format: DVD [PAL]


Buy the official DVD here:

John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension Live at Belgrade


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Dr. Fusion said...

Text file with the links:

quxabletremor said...

Good to see you opened a new blog Dr.Fusion...
welcome back :-)

Richard.drummer said...
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Richard.drummer said...

Welcome again Fred and long life to your new blog

bogard said...

Welcome back! Great to see ya keeping on! I created a cover for the Chick Corea Elektric Band Video you posted on your old blog. You can download it here:
Kind regards

Dr. Fusion said...

Thanks !!!

Jazz Boot Experiment said...

wow dr fusion savage this looks my friend many thanks for coming and giving me your new site url a many thanks here from fenderjazz

Anonymous said...

Setlist should read:

1. Raju

2. Hijacked

3. The Unknown Dissident

4. Senor C.S.

5. New Blues, Old Bruise

6. Sully

Thanks for sharing this awesome vid! Saw this line up in London end of May 08 and watching this is a great reminder of what a killer show that was!:)

green said...

Hey Dr. Fusion,
I'm really sorry about what happened to your old blog. It was one of the coolest blogs ever. May it rest in peace... Good luck with your new blog, I'll definitely be following your posts.

Dr. Fusion said...

Thanks for setlist correction and thank you friends for your support!
Very much appreciated!

Dr. Fusion said...

Please help:

A friend of mine has a JM & OTB Show from Champaign, IL that he wants to share but its pitch/speed is pretty bad.
Prof Goody confirmed this but did not have the time to tackle it. It looks like a tough job!
Do you you know any JM fanatics w/ a good ear, time & software who might want to work on it?

Please let us know, thanks

Crimhead420 said...

Welcome back friend!!