Monday, April 27, 2009

VIDEO: Devil's Slingshot Tour - Casa de la Cultura de Telde, Gran Canaria Islands, Spain, September 13, 2006 + Bonus Mp3 [AVI]

Data Compilation CD [Video + CD]

Provided by Igor M.

Excellent shots of the band !!!


Virgil Donati (Drums)
Billy Sheehan (Bass)
Tony Macalpine (Guitar)


Devil's Slingshot
Live at Casa de la Cultura de Telde
Gran Canaria Islands, Spain
September 13, 2006


01 - Christmas Island
02 - Isis
03 - Billy Sheehan Bass Solo
04 - Unknown Song


Format: 1AVI
Video Attr.: MPEG-4 656/480px audio 160kbps
Time: 13.38
Type: AUD
Quality: A-

Bonus Mp3 (Complete Album)

Devil's Slingshot
Live at New Morning, Paris, France
September 7, 2006


01 - Stream Dream (cut in)
02 - Virgil Donati Drum Solo
03 - Bitch
04 - Unknown Song
05 - Kymera
06 - Virgil Donati Drum Solo
07 - Tony Macalpine Guitar Solo
08 - Hundreds of Thousands
09 - Capistrano (Guitar & Bass Duet)
10 - Unknown Song


Format: 1MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Time: 35.16
Type: AUD
Quality: B

Artwork is included !!!

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download here:

Video [avi]



Audio CD [Mp3]

woody said...

Hello Dr.!
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Hey Dr. Fusion

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Fusion

Could you please repost the links for the Jing Chi with Michael Landau show?

Thank you for all the music and I wish you'd suffer no more crap for doing a good thing and sharing all this great music


tjaptjap said...

Good to see you're back !!!!
Keep up the good work and don't let those damn hackers get you down.

upkerry14 said...

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sMILES said...

Welcome back!:) Good to see your posts again! This one is awesome! Many thanks! Best wishes and remember never give up!


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Fallen Angel said...

Thanks,Dr Fusion! I've your new URL!.
Welcome Back,my dear friend!

JJ said...

welcome back.........

Anonymous said...

since dr. fusions old blog got hacked I only got
Virgil_Donati_Band_2003-02-11_2CDR parts 1-8. I'm missing the rest (I guess 2 or 3 files).

has anyone the links for the other parts or aren't they online anymore??

I really could bite my ass for not downloading them earlier!

anyway, big thx dr. fusion for sharing all this awesome music with us!