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Tony Williams Lifetime (feat. John McLaughlin & Jack Bruce) - Live at The City Hall, Newcastle, UK, November 6, 1970 [Goody Pitch-Corrected Version][FLAC]

Tony Williams Lifetime
The City Hall
Newcastle, UK
November 6, 1970

Goody Pitch-Corrected Version


Tony Williams - Drums, Vocals
John McLaughlin – Electric Guitar
Jack Bruce – Electric Bass, Vocals
Larry Young – Hammond B3 Organ

Thanks to UK mates, Alan S. for taping / sharing his cassette master, and to Mark A. for the analogue to digital conversion. As little as possible was done in post production and only to make it more sonically stable. Audio analysis, judicious noise reduction, surgical equalization, etc., was performed in Sonar 5 / WaveLab using Waves plug-ins.


1 Meeting of the Spirits, Fanfare, Dragon Song, One Word 18:53
2 Letter of Thanks 08:45
3 Noonward Transformation 06:32
4 Lonesome Wells 10:34
5 Smiles and Grins, Devotion, The Dance of Maya 11:14
6 Two Worlds 5:42
7 Vuelta Abajo 11:46
8 Resolution 4:36
9 Vuelta Abajo (Reprise) 1:17

TT: 79m 24s

Notes from the taper, Alan S.:

The cassette was recorded on a Philips portable tape recorder, smuggled into the circle of the City Hall, by dangling the mic over the balcony. The recorder is long gone, and apart from it having about five 'keys', being black in colour, and being bought for about £20 in the Spring of 1969, that is the limit of its existence that I can recall.

Audio Properties:

Bit Rate: 1411kbps
Audio Format: PCM wav
Audio Sample Size: 16 bit
Channels: 2 (Stereo)
Audio Sample Rate: 44kHz


Philips Cassette Recorder > Analogue Master to Digital Transfer > Editing - Noise Reduction - EQ in Sonar 5 Producer > Mastering in Steinberg WaveLab 5 > FLAC Level 8 > Dime > You.

Additional Lineage and Comments:

goody - dBpowerAMP > WavTrim.exe > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender +41 cents, other very small WAV edits, to smooth transitions) > TLH (FLAC, sigs) > Back to You. Pitch correction caused the sizes of the respective waves to be shorter, thereby allowing this show to be burned to a single disc. There are still a couple transitions that couldn't be made any cleaner without fading, which I didn't want to do, in order to preserve all the available music from the original seed. I believe that what is here now has been cleaned up and avoids any gaps and clicks, although it's obvious that there may be very small amounts of music missing. There already were some fades on most of the original tracks that I didn't have to adjust at all, thankfully. While the audio is definitely rough and difficult to listen to, it is a priceless archive. As there is so little material available to document this music, I believe it's more than just for collectors and completists. When it was first seeded at Dime, I practically jumped out of my skin, having been given the opportunity to hear seminal germs and different arrangements of some of the Mahavishnu material that wouldn't surface for at least another year or more, and in much different form. It's been an honor to be able to improve it in some small way. I'd also like to the original taper, mentioned in the original text above, the original seeder KevinMichael at Dime, and, of course, Tony, John, Jack and Larry. These are four peerless masters who've definitely had a huge influence in my own musical development. goody - 4/18/08.

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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1970 - The Tony Williams Lifetime - 1970-11-06 - Newcastle,UK, goody_PitchFix_Version.part1.rar
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