Friday, October 14, 2016

Remember Shakti (featuring Hariprasad Chaurasia) - Live at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK, 1997-09-26 [FLAC]

This is not a widely circulated boot from the 1997 tour that resurrected Shakti as Remember Shakti. Good sounding audience recording. Not sure how much material was actually played at this particular show, but none of these tracks are what's on the official release from this tour. Nice and listenable recording, but definitely audience sourced.

Please continue to support all of these great artists by purchasing their commercially released material and paying to see them live.

No officially released tracks are contained here, although some of what was played at this concert made it to the officially released Remember Shakti cd!

Audience recording

John McLaughlin and Remember Shakti
Symphony Hall
Birmingham, UK


John McLaughlin - guitar
Zakir Hussain - tabla
T.H. "Vikkhu" Vinayakram - ghatam
Hariprasad Chaurasia - bansuri flute

Lineage- Source- Audience recording with unknown equipment; obtained in a cd-r trade; TLH for
file conversion to flac and torrent creation; DIME


1 - The Wish 20:50
2 - Zakir 10:30
3 - Mukti 40:33

Format: FLAC


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matz said...

have you lost the files anywhere?!

Dr. Fusion said...

Yes! But I found them :)

Thanks Matz, here they are...

Remember Shakti - 1997-09-26; Birmingham, UK.part3.rar
Remember Shakti - 1997-09-26; Birmingham, UK.part2.rar
Remember Shakti - 1997-09-26; Birmingham, UK.part1.rar