Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Eric Johnson - Acoustic Guitar & Piano - Live at Cleveland Music Box, Cleveland, OH, USA, 2016-10-9 [FLAC]

Artist: Eric Johnson
Venue: Music Box Supper Club
City: Cleveland OH
Date: October 9 2016

The recording turned out remarkably well considering the simplistic recording gear. This was my first time at a "supper club" venue. You are supposed to arrive well before the performance, eat your meal, and then watch the show. Numerous people showed up right before Eric took the stage and then ate dinner during the performance. This struck me as incredibly rude, but this is Cleveland after all. :) As a result you can hear sounds of plates, glasses and silverware here and there, and some audience/staff jibber-jabber from time to time. On the plus side, Eric was phenomenal, setlist was great, and the recording sounds fantastic. Enjoy! (~the taper)

Lineage: (Stealth Recording) Shure MV88 -> iPhone 6 -> Shure Motiv Recording App. Minor EQ in Audacity.


01 Mrs. Robinson
02 Dusty
03 Gift of Love
04 Fatherly Downs
05 Tribute To Jerry Reed
07 Song For Irene
08 If I Do
09 Song For George
10 Water Under The Bridge
11 Different Folks
12 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
13 Under The Sun
14 Desert Song
15 Song For Life
16 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
17 Better Man
18 My Finest Champion
19 Tulum
20 All Things You Are
21 Once Upon A Time In Texas
22 April Come She Will

Format: FLAC


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