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Egberto Gismonti & Friends - Live at Berlin Jazz Festival, Berlin, Germany, 1975-11-08 [FLAC]

Egberto Gismonti and Friends
Berlin Jazz Festival,
Berlin, Germany
1975-11-08 ???


Egberto Gismonti- piano & guitar
Nana Vasconcelos- percussion, berimbau
Palle Danielson- bass
Daniel Humair- drums
Hermeto Pascoal- flute

Source- cd-r trades of FM broadcast> EAC disc extraction> TLH Wav to flac formatting

Disc 1-

Track 1- 13:55 EG on guitar with Nana and Palle on bass
Track 2- 13:01 EG on guitar and Hermeto
Track 3- 12:40 EG on guitar (maybe piano), Hermeto flute (maybe piano), Nana, Palle, Humair

Disc 2

Track 1- 01:53 Intro in German
Track 2- 10:30 EG on piano
Track 3- 12:57 EG on guitar with Nana and Palle on bass
Track 4- 12:00 EG on guitar, Hermeto on flute
Track 5- 09:34 EG on guitar with Nana
Track 6- 08:22 EG on guitar with Nana

Format: FLAC

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