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VERTU ( Richie Kotzen, Stanley Clarke & Lenny White ) - Live at New Morning, Paris, France, July 8th, 1999 [2CD][FLAC]

Superb musicians putting on a great show. Richie Kotzen can shred with the best of them (check out his "Inner Galactic Fusion Experience" CD) but plays a supporting role here and lays down some tasty licks. The addition of Karen Briggs on violin gives this band a defining sound. This definitely has a 70s fusion feel to it - think Return to Forever and Jean-Luc Ponty. It's a shame they did not produce more albums but at least we have this to remember them by. Enjoy! ~barkndog

New Morning
Paris, France
July 8, 1999


Stanley Clarke - Bass
Lenny White - Drums
Richie Kotzen - Guitar, Vocals
Karen Briggs - Violin
Rachel Niccolazzo (Rachel Z) - Keys


Quality - Very Good (A-)

Lineage - VERTU > Unknown Rig (DAT) > ?? > CDr > EAC (Secure/Offset Corrected) > . WAV > FLAC Frontend > YOU


Disc 1

1. V-Wave
2. On Top of the Rain
3. Anoche'
4. The Call
5. Topasio Pt. 1 and 2

Disc 2

1. North Africa
2. Drum solo
3. Start it Again
4. Toys
5. Improv Jam

Total time: 1:46:43

Format: FLAC


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