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Stone Tiger (Percy Jones) - Live at My Father's Place, Roslyn, N.Y. , USA, 1983 [FLAC]

Stone Tiger - Live at My Father's Place, Roslyn, N.Y. 1983

(unknown date, 1st Long Island show,

Probably quite early in the year, late wintertime)

Source: master audience tape

Good sound quality


Percy Jones- bass
Bill Frisell- guitar
Kenwood Dennard- drums? **

** (this seems to be in question, some seem to think Doug Lunn or Chester Thompson is the drummer here)


1: Heidelburg switch
2: Zimbabwe
3: Barrio (up to 106th St)
4: untitled job #1 > replicant
5: hydraulic jump
6: untitled job #2 (which eventually became Squelch)

Total time: 50:14

Format: FLAC


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