Sunday, May 8, 2016

Shawn Lane & Joris Weimar - Cafe Berkhout, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 31, 2001 [DVD]

This is a very special Shawn Lane video! Don't expect a HD quality video (this is a audience recording) but you will see one of the greatest guitarists who ever walked this Planet! Shawn Lane at his best, sitting on a chair in a bar (Café) Berkhout in Amsterdam, the Netherlands! The sound quality is pretty good and the show is simply amazing! We don't see Joris Weimar a lot because we see a constant close-up of Shawn Lane almost the entire DVD and although the video quality is not the best (but good enough!), you really don't want to miss this one! This is true guitar MAGIC!!!

Many thanks to the people who provided this video and to the taper!  

Audience recording

Sound quality: A-

There's a little noise from the people at the bar but it makes you kinda feel you are there!
Just get yourself a drink and enjoy the show :-)


Shawn Lane - electric guitar
Joris Weimar - keys


01 - Peace in Mississippi
02 - Politburo
03 - Goldberg Aria & Variation #1
04 - Aga of the Ladies
05 - Keyboard solo
06 - Funk #49
07 - Blues improvisation
08 - Simple lives
09 - Abstract logic
10 - Rice with the Angels
11 - Song for Diane
12 - One note at a Time
13 - Guitar medley
14 - Watermelon in Easter Hay

Total time: 1:32:35

Format: DVD (with menu and chapters)



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These are split archive files. You need to download ALL files in the same folder!

propylaen2001 said...

This is really amazing!
Many thanks for sharing this!

Dr. Fusion said...

You're welcome! Stay tuned for more ;-)