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Mahavishnu Orchestra - Noonward Race - Live at Mar Y Sol Festival, 03-04-72 [mp3]

The Mahavishnu Orchestra was a jazz-rock fusion group led by John McLaughlin, active during 1971–1976 and again in 1984–1987 after major line-up changes. The band's original lineup featured "Mahavishnu" John McLaughlin on acoustic and electric guitars, with members Billy Cobham on drums, Rick Laird on bass guitar (although Tony Levin was the first person McLaughlin called to join the band), Jan Hammer on electric and acoustic piano and synthesizer, and Jerry Goodman on violin. This first incarnation of the ensemble was a multinational group: McLaughlin is from Yorkshire, England; Cobham from Panama; Hammer from Prague, Czechoslovakia; Goodman from Chicago, Illinois; and Laird from Dublin, Ireland. This group was considered an important pioneer in the jazz fusion movement. McLaughlin and Cobham met while performing and recording with Miles Davis during the Bitches Brew sessions. McLaughlin was also influenced in his conception of the band by his studies with Indian guru Sri Chinmoy, who encouraged him to take the name "Mahavishnu" which means "Divine compassion, power and justice." or simply "Great Vishnu", an aspect of Vishnu.(From Wikipedia)

This is another incredible performance by the Mahavishnu Orchestra
Live at Mar Y Sol Festival

Sound Quality A+


John McLaughlin - Guitar
Jan Hammer - Keys
Rick Laird - Bass
Jerry Goodman - Violin
Billy Cobham - Drums


Noonward Race

Total time: 13:31

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