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Dixie Dregs - Live at Russell House Student Union, Columbia, SC, USA, October 21, 1978 [SBD][FLAC]

Recorded in 1978, three months after filming the show Montreux Switzerland which can now be found on the "Dixie Dregs Live At Montreux 1978" DVD.  T. Lavitz would replace Mark Parrish on keyboards two months after this show.  Noise reduction was applied a little too heavily at some point, which is apparent in the quiet spots in between songs.  However this doesn't detract from the performance... Otherwise a decent SBD recording for that era! Enjoy :)

Artist: Dixie Dregs
Date: 1978-10-21
City: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Venue: Russell House Student Union, University of South Carolina
Source: SBD

Format: FLAC


Steve Morse, guitar
Andy West, bass
Allen Sloan, electric violin
Rod Morgenstein, drums
Mark Parrish, keys


01 - Take It Off The Top
02 - Country House Shuffle
03 - Moe Down
04 - Refried Funky Chicken
05 - Night Of The Living Dregs
06 - Patchwork
07 - Ice Cakes
08 - Little Kids
09 - Night Meets Light
10 - Travel Tunes
11 - The Bash
12 - Cruise Control
13 - Disco Dregs
14 - Kathreen
15 - Dixie

Total time: 1 hour 19 min


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