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Colosseum II (feat. Gary Moore) - Live at Daddy’s Dance Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1976-05-11 [2CD][FLAC]

Originally recieved as being from Hard Rock Cafe,Copenhagen but Colosseum II played Daddy’s Dance Hall that night. Dark Side Of The Moog was the opening number but it was not recorded. Awakening was originally listed as “Waking The City” The set finishes off with a butchered “Going Down” jam. Butchered in the sense that the start and the end is missing from the recording. As usual Hiseman isnt shy when it comes to the lenght and endurance of his drum solos. This version is close to 20 minutes long! Enjoy! ~ rideinthel

Audience recording


Mike Starrs (vocals)
Gary Moore (guitars/vocals)
Don Airey (keyboards)
Neil Murray (bass)
John Hiseman (drums)


Disc 1 (45:32)

1.Band Introduction
2.Secret Places 
3.Down To You    
4.Siren Song

Disc 2 (43:29)

1.John Hiseman Solo
2.Walking In The Park
3.Gary Moore Solo
3.Gemini And Leo
4.Going Down

Total time: 89:01

Format: FLAC

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