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Allan Holdsworth - Tralfamadore Cafe (now "The Tralf"), Buffalo NY, USA, April 11, 1986 [SBD]

Fantastic Allan Holdsworth recording in Soundboard quality. Another of my "shoebox" series, maybe an upgrade over previous shares, your mileage may vary. This is a straight transfer of my XLII tape (1991 vintage cassette with the big Maxell clear window). Seems very close to correct pitch, and a nice mix which is true on all of the tapes I've heard from this show. I like this source, but I'm biased probably, one I've had a very long time and know well. I also have a known lineage 3rd gen on XLII-S that really doesn't sound a nice as this one does. As on all copies I've ever heard, this tapes cuts in rather roughly during Non Brewed Condiment, cuts and fades during Pud Wud, and resumes during Devil Take The Hindmost, probably due to a tape flip that wasn't caught in time at the mixing desk. I'm working on getting two of my decks repaired, a NAD 6340 and a Teac A-420, so I may revisit this again sometime. Nothing wrong with my Technics RS-BR465 except high miles. I gave it a good cleaning recently before I started sharing some tapes again here recently. Enjoy! ~blackpage

Allan Holdsworth
Tralfamadore Cafe (now "The Tralf")
Buffalo, NY, USA
April 11, 1986

Soundboard recording


Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Gary Husband - drums
Kei Akagi - keys
Jimmy Johnson - bass


01. //Non Brewed Condiment
02. Looking Glass
03. White Line
04. Funnels
05. Atavachron
06. Pud Wud//(tape flip mid-song)
07. //Devil Take The Hindmost
08. Tokyo Dream
09. Letters of Marque (w/Husband drum solo)

Lineage: low gen tape->Technics RS-BR465 deck (bias adjust)->ASUS Xonar DGX->Sound Forge 9->CDWave->TLH (flac8 aligned)

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