Friday, May 20, 2016

Allan Holdsworth - Live at The German House, Rochester, New York, USA, 2008-05-18 [FLAC]

Great show with a double encore, very lively crowd but no one too close, and no PA problems = sounds good to me! I was not expecting the second encore, so I was starting to take down the gear. When the band started to walk back on, everything got set back up quickly so no music was missed. I did remove a couple of minutes of crowd from that section as there were some loud mic bumps when unmounting then remounting them. Enjoy!!! (The Taper)

Audience recording

Allan Holdsworth - guitars
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ernest Tibbs - bass


00) (Walk on)
01) The Fifth
02) (Band Intro)
03) Fred
04) (Allan speaks)
05) Water on the Brain Pt II
06) Above and Below - Home - The Thing You See
07) Gas Lamp Blues
08) Devil take the Hindmost
09) Letters of Marque

10) (encore break)
11) Red Alert

12) (encore break 2)
13) Proto-Cosmos

Format: FLAC


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