Friday, May 20, 2016

Allan Holdsworth & IOU - Live at Wolfgang's, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2/7/85 [FLAC]

This show was recorded about 30' from the stage, dead center. this time around chad wackerman on simmons electronic drums,jimmy johhson on bass, and larry cohen on keyboards (all add unique flair to this show, esp. chad). there is a little audible audience conversation this time, but the mix and levels are pretty clean and the music dominates; there is a tape flip that i tried to blend (can't remember where it is (i think between track 5/6). ~cheffubus

Audience recording

Quality: A-

Lineage: sony stereo walkman>maxell xl2s cass.>nakamichi cass. player>phillips standalone cd recorder>wav(cd)>eac>wav>flac frontend(level8)


Allan Holdsworth - guitars
Chad Wackerman - drums
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Paul Williams - vocals
Larry Cohen - keyboards

Setlist: dream
2.road games
3.white line
4.letters of marque
5.shallow sea
6.devil takes the hindmost
7.material real
8.panic stations
9.metal fatigue
10.unknown jam

Format: FLAC

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