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John McLaughlin - "The Mediterranean" Concerto For Guitar & Orchestra - Live in Munich, Germany, July 11, 1989 [DVD]

John McLaughlin showing his incredible guitar skills as he performs his "Mediterranean Concerto" live with a full Orchestra. The date is July 11, 1989 and it took place in Germany. This performance was extra special for John because Miles Davis was in the audience! This concerto appears to have been aired in the USA as the voice over announcements on the video are in (American accented) English. The first 2 pieces are duets with pianist Katia Labeque and the third piece is the complete "Mediterranean Concerto" with orchestra.

Great audio & video quality!

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John McLaughlin - acoustic guitar
Katia Labeque - piano (1,2)
The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (3)
(Conducted by Victor Pablo Perez)


1 - Brise De Coeur
2 - Montana
3 - The Mediterranean - Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra

Total time: 55:38

Format: DVD [NTSC]

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Concerto For Guitar And Orchestra "The Mediterranean"  Follow Your Heart - John McLaughlin song by song : A Listener's Guide

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