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Allan Holdsworth - Live at 9:30 Club, Georgetown, Washington D.C., April 20, 1986 [Early Show] [FLAC]

Another Gary Ficke recording, may he rest in peace.

Recorded in front of Gary and Allan standing right at the stage - thus the clarity of the drums, and the occasional distortion. This was an early rip of mine and if memory serves I used hiss reduction. Oops, sorry.
if I can get the tapes back I'd do it again without the treatment. Next time for sure. Meanwhile it's still a decent listen.

Provided by: Eeklair

Quality: Pretty good!

Master Cassette > 1G Cassette > WAV (CEP 2.0) > CDR > WAV > FLAC (TLH Flaclevel6) > YOU


Gary Husband - Drums
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Kei Akagi - Keyboards
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar and SynthAxe (including the McPherson Ale siphon)


01 Walk on
02 Non-brewed COndiment
03 Looking Glass
04 The Chaps (introductions)
05 White Line
06 Funnels
07 Atavachron
08 SynthAxe solo including the "SAND" intro (pre-release)
09 Pud Wud (pre-release)
10 Devil Take Hindmost
11 Tokyo Dream
12 Letters of Marque

Total time: 1:35

Format: FLAC

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Enjoy !!!

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